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Although the COLLECTION SCREAM did not “officially” go on sale until today, March 28th, most Japanese retailers began sale of the album and single on March 27th. Thus, just like with Nolza & Go Away, sales numbers are reported a day earlier than the release date.

We are happy to report that it looks like 2NE1 has improved on the sales numbers of their previous releases. The Scream single ranked at #7 on Oricon’s Daily Single Chart and the Collection album ranked #4 on the Oricon Album Chart.

To put things in perspective, in terms of sheer number of copies sold, both Scream and Collection seem to be doing better already then 2NE1’s previous Japanese albums.

Updated w/SalesNumbers

Thus, despite their ranking on the album charts not being #1 their actually volume of units sold seems like it will far surpass that of their Nolzamini-album with Collection selling over 1,000 more units on the first day for a total of 8,588 copies sold. The Scream single sold slightly less with 3,278 copies moved the first day but it is speculated that more international fans bought the single because they already had most of the songs on the album Collection from buying Korean releases.

As Oricon does not include international sales in their daily updates, Scream could get a boost from international purchases when weekly numbers are posted.

Hopefully, 2NE1’s sales don’t plummet as the week progresses and their performances at the upcoming SPRINGROOVE Festival creates new fans. In any case, it seems that 2NE1 is slowly and steadily building up their fanbase in Japan.

Congratulations to our girls!

If you haven’t already purchased your copy and would like to, take a look at our Japan Shopping Tutorial!

Source: Oricon Singles & Oricon Albums
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  • Rozeh

    Glad for 2NE1! I hope the sales increase more in the weekly ranking~!