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2NE1, the girl group whom caused great impact among ladies of the younger generation in South Korea has finally made their debut in Japan on September 21st. 2NE1, are also known as the female version of Big Bang. The reason behind the uniqueness of their music is the mixture of two genres, Hip-hop and R&B in their songs which gave a fresh vibe to the listeners. 
Also, their songs topped the charts in first placing. Together with the stylish fashion and makeup, they’re the role model among young ladies to imitate from.

During their Japan debut, we did an interview with them about their inner thoughts and also doing self introduction:

[Finally, After a long wait, they’ve finally made their debut in Japan]

[CL] Actually, I lived in Japan for 7 years during my childhood. That’s the reason why I feel familiar with Japan, it always feels like I’m home. At the same time, we felt really excited to meet with our Japan fans as soon as possible. All four of us have prepared and practiced a lot since April as we want to come to meet everyone fast.

[Their initial plans were to debut during spring this year. Unfortunately, when they were here in March, most parts in Tokyo and Eastern part of Japan suffered from the serious earthquake leading to a delay in their debut.]

[CL] When the earthquake occurred, we were preparing for our television broadcast performance. I couldn’t recall how the situation at that time was but I remembered clearly that I felt really afraid. So we’ve decided to temporarily leave Japan. But still, we were worried for the people affected and injured in Japan.

[BOM] In the past, when I was still staying in America, there was once when I encountered an earthquake. But this is my first encounter with such a strong one.

[DARA] When I was in the Philippines, I’ve also encountered earthquakes. But those earthquakes were not as scary as Japan’s. When the earthquake occurred, I was too afraid, to the extend that I felt sicked. But I really hope to come to Japan again as I’m really worried about the fans who were waiting for us in Japan.

[MINZY] This is my first encounter with an earthquake. When it occurred, I felt confusion mentally. But when I think of all the fans in Japan who like our music, this method really helped to calm myself down and gradually recover from it.

[In order to make a change to the atmosphere, we requested for each member to introduce another member to CHOA Magazine]

[BOM] Minzy’s a child with deep thoughts. To me, although she’s the youngest, but she’s like a friend of the same age or even acts like a mother sometimes. Her nickname is “Minzy-unnie/Older Sister Minzy”. Haha!

[MINZY] CL shows the strong side of her when she’s on stage. But the rest of the time, she’s a person who’s really sweet and has a lot of ideas. When it comes to taking care of others, she’s the best at it. She’s just like the good sister next door.

[CL] Dara is someone who doesn’t easily open up herself to others. But when you get to know her better, she’ll become really gentle and loving. She’s really considerate, although from the start, she didn’t like this point about herself, but she’s still really sweet. She is the one who creates the atmosphere in the group. She makes everyone feel really happy.

[BOM] Yes yes. In the past, she communicated with us through email oftenly because she was too shy. (Everyone burst out into laughter)

[DARA] 90% of our fans are female. However, male fans also existed because of Bom’s sweet vocals and her “A-type” of legs. She is our trump card, haha, when she’s with us, we’ll never get bored. In a century, there’d only be one person with a personality like her.

Source: CHOA Magazine
Translations by: leevo & soh0712@YGLadies
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