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Multiplayer CL / Advertising Manager DARA

— Firstly, it’s your first appearance so could you tell us your personalities? Starting with leader CL.

[MINZY] CL is very level headed and precise when doing things, she has the responsibility to take care of things entrusted to her and she excels in guiding the people around her, she’s a very fitting person for the role of leader.

—- Furthermore, 2NE1’s fashion is based on the ideas that CL gives and she’s also a fashion leader, right?

[BOM] She’s a leader in every sense.
[DARA] She always thinks about ways to make the stage performances entertaining for the people watching and to ensure that they don’t get bored.

—- She certainly leads in every aspect and is a multiplayer. Now, about DARA.

[CL] She’s the advertising manager. She’s very bright, is talented as an entertainer, has the aura and is very good at taking care of others.
[MINZY] She’s a very interesting person and comes up with many of her own ideas just like a public relations ambassador! Even before the Japan debut, she created the countdown site and gave everyone their expectation values; she has the ability to act in a positive way towards anything.
[BOM] Even when something bad happens, I think it’s amazing how she can just change in the next day and come out so strongly. She looks weak from her outer appearance, right?

—- Indeed.

[BOM] But, her core is really strong and she’s a true professional. I really respect that.
[DARA] (bright laugh)

—- Is it like you forget everything after you sleep?

[BOM] For 1 minute (laugh)

—- That’s a short time.
[BOM] But it’s not like you can forget completely. Switching over (from sad to happy) is just fast.

—- Do you switch over by overlooking it? Or just naturally switch over?
[DARA] Strangely, no matter how bad the things are, once I stand on stage, I smile.
[BOM] Very professional.


Mood Maker BOM / Head of Sexiness MINZY

—- Now, about BOM.
[CL] BOM is the mood maker. On stage, she captivates with her overwhelming skills as a singer and her beautiful long legs but as soon as she steps off stage, she’ll turn into the cute BOM. That gap in her image is what I think fans love so much.
[MINZY] On stage, her groovy appeal is great!
[DARA] But her everyday natural appeal is very cute.
[CL] You’ll be able to see our everyday, real-life image on “2NE1 TV” (a reality show of 2NE1) but 99% of the interesting and cute parts are from Bom (laugh).

—- The remaining 1%?
[CL] It’s from DARA.
[DARA] BOM and I are a comedy duo (laugh).

—- I see. I heard that BOM is quite the beauty with incredibly smooth and beautiful skin. Do you use anything special or have some sort of routine?
[BOM] I always try to drink lots of water. As for skin care, if you take coenzyme Q10 and hyaluronic acid will help the smoothness of your skin.

—- Now, about MINZY. 
[CL] She’s the head of sexiness.
[DARA] MINZY is really good at singing and dancing and she’s very reliable but above everything else, she’s a trustworthy person. Wherever we are, whatever we’re doing, MINZY is there so we’ll be at ease.

—- I’ve heard that MINZY’s grandmother is a famous dancer. She’s a thoroughbred dancer, isn’t she?
[MINZY] (bright laugh)
[BOM] Yes. MINZY will always show a hair-raising, amazing dance performance that’ll give you goosebumps.
[MINZY(bright laugh) 


The Enjoyable Album That Shows Our Versatility 

—- These four members of 2NE1 with different personalities have finally debuted in Japan but please frankly tell us your current thoughts. 
[CL] We, too, waited for this moment for so long! This time we’re debuting in Japan with our mini album titled “NOLZA” and the title means “let’s play” so I hope all of our Japanese fans will appreciate and play along with our music.
[MINZY] Every time we visit Japan, the Japanese fans will always give a big welcome so I’m glad they can have a great time listening to our CD and going to our concerts.
[DARA] When we start something new, I always get excited but this time, I’ve got so much excitement in me.
[BOM] Thankyou for waiting so long. For all those who waited and to meet up to your expectations, I will continue to try my best, thankyou for your support.

—- Please tell us what to listen out for in your Japan debut album “NOLZA”.
[CL] It includes 5 songs from various genres and with 5 very different feels to each one so I’d hope you all can appreciate our songs as you listen to them.
[MINZY] Once the first beat sounds, it’ll raise your excitement instantly!

—- Once the intro to the first track “I AM THE BEST” started, I was immediately pulled into the world of 2NE1. 
[DARA] That’s great. Every time I’m on the move, I listen to this song on heavy rotation (on repeat). I’m into this album so much that I’ll never get sick of it no matter how many times I listen.

—- There are many types of music so you can change your mood depending on the song you feel like listening to. Furthermore, the melody is catchy so you just naturally start humming along. 
[CL] Definitely, in our music, TEDDY has composed the melody of our songs to bring us closer to our listeners and connect us with them.

—- In saying that, when you listen to “HATE YOU”, you’ll feel like you’ve become a strong woman but then there’s also “LONELY” where your heart tightens up and you feel like you’ve become a delicate woman. This album certainly contains many emotions that can showcase all aspects of women. 
[BOM] Thankyou so much. We’ve shown a variety of genres and styles so I really believe it’s an enjoyable album that shows our versatility.


Without Compromise, Not Sparing Any Effort in Order to Achieve

—- If you listen to your songs along with the music video, you can really get excited. It’s amazing how every song’s taste is so different and how there is great detail even in the music video. 
[CL] It took us nearly a week of working through the night to shoot “I AM THE BEST”.

—- For 1 week!? 
[CL] Yes. We had to portray a different character in every scene. Even changing the hairstyle and fashion took a really long time.

—- Wasn’t it hard for everyone with such a hard schedule?
[CL] For any one song, we want to spare no effort to achieve the best therefore we’re not willing to compromise our efforts or stop trying no matter how difficult it gets. But honestly, in regards to all that, I feel it’s still nowhere near enough.

—- By the way, in “LONELY”, there were many umbrellas surrounding DARA on screen.
[DARA] Those were all real.

—- Really!? Nowadays, you can just use CG though.
[DARA] Above everything, we want something more real so if we can, we try to go with something real whenever possible.

—- That’s very thorough. This time, you had to sing all the songs in Japanese so when you were recording, were there any times where you felt it was particularly difficult?
[DARA] I found “DON’T STOP THE MUSIC” especially difficult. The tempo of the song is very fast so that was already very difficult but I also had to take notice of my pronunciation so I practiced quite a lot. Whilst recording, I had to keep looking at the lyrics so the entire time my eyes were opened as wide as possible trying to read the lyrics whilst singing (laugh).

—- The phrases in the lyrics had a very individualistic feel. For example “one and only throughout heaven and earth” (T/N: lyrics from IATB) or “disgusting” (T/N: lyrics from Hate You). 
[CL] To be honest, I was surprised when I saw the lyrics (laugh). We didn’t want the content of the lyrics to be completely different to the Korean one so we had to express the same thing in Japanese…… Somehow we still had good impact (laugh).

—- I heard CL lived in Japan in your early childhood so had you ever heard those words before?
[CL] I had never heard them being said (laugh) but I knew about them.

— What kind of message do you want to convey through 2NE1’s music? 
[CL] To symbolise this album’s title “NOLZA” = “let’s play”, I’d be happy if everyone would appreciate and enjoy our music together with us. Even though each person will perceive our songs differently, I know I can accept anyone’s honest feelings about it.


Our Japanese Female Fans are Stylish and Cute

—- Firstly, “music = enjoy the sound”. 2NE1 is not only about music but have a tremendous influence on fashion and continue being the influential forefront of this all but in your own opinions, where do you think lies 2NE1’s originality?
[CL] For me, it’s just like that. I don’t just pretentiously display myself but be honest. I think our originality lies in how we show everyone our true to life appearance.

—- With such an honest and pure appearance, you receive much support from many female fans as they call out “you’re so cool!”, don’t you?
[CL] I’m very happy about that. But, our Japanese female fans are stylish and cute and each have their own individual style so we get inspiration from them too.

—- Please tell us your fashion point for today?
[CL] Punk style!
[DARA] My hair style.

—- Definitely. By the way, how long does it take for your hair to set?
[DARA] 30 minutes.

—- It’s faster than expected.
[DARA] I’ve done this many times so the time it takes to do this has gradually gotten shorter.
[MINZY] As for me, it’s my riders (leather) jacket with many studs.

—- BOM, isn’t the chain you’re wearing heavy? 
[BOM] It’s actually a combination of plastic and rubber so it isn’t that heavy.

— I’m relieved to hear that. 
[BOM] Also, the punk band T-shirt with patchwork and pins attached is also my fashion point.


We’re Looking Forward to Being Able to Meet 70,000 Fans!

—- By the way, please tell us the fashion item required for this winter/autumn.
[CL] Going beyond autumn and onto winter, my attention is set on fur.

—- Fur would be quite gorgeous. Are there any important points when wearing fur?
[CL] Simply put, fur will give you a very strong presence so it’s best to keep other items simple. Rather than trying to match clothes, I think it’s best to keep warm in winter (laugh).

—- Now, lastly, a message to the Japanese fans who are reading this.
[DARA] This tour, I can meet 70,000 fans so I’m really looking forward to it!
[BOM] It’s already obvious from the CDs but when you see us as 2NE1 live, I think you’ll understand us at once.
[CL] From now on, we’ll be showing you the best form of all our aspects!
[MINZY] Everyone, please look forward to this! With much determination, we will try out best in Japan too!

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