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2NE1 crush pic 21 December 14

As the year comes to and end, various websites and magazines make polls and distinguish artists for their work during the year. As CRUSH was immensely successful not just in...

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141220daratwitterig 20 December 14

名古屋FAN CLUB EVENTもおわりました〜 2年ぶりの名古屋!BLACK JACK NOLZAのみなさん〜とても会いたかったです!手羽先もとても美味しかったです!また会う時まで元気でね〜ありがとう #nagoya Source: Dara’s Twitter and Instagram Translated by: @KIMJ1WON...

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cl 20 December 14

  Source: diviroxx...

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jeremy scott 20 December 14

  Source: itsjeremyscott...

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141219daratwitterig 19 December 14

후쿠오카의 겨울바다 福岡の冬海 #fukuoka Fukuoka Winter Sea Fukuoka Winter Sea #fukuoka 福岡初めてですけど、とても楽しかったです!福岡最高また会いましょう It was my 1st time in Fukuoka but it was really fun! The best! Let’s meet again. 名古屋!到着しました〜手羽先!手羽先!#nagoya Nagoya!...

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141218minzytwitterigdara 18 December 14

다라언니는 후쿠오카 구경을…나는 다라언니를 구경하죠 ㅋㅋㅋ Dara unni sightseeing Fukuoka.. I’m sightseeing Dara unni kkk Source: Minzy’s Twitter and Instagram Translated by: @sumiinkim...

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141218daraigtwitter-minzy 18 December 14

후쿠오카!!! 항상 처음 오는곳은 설레인다^^ 맛집탐방 시작!!! 밍끼와 함께~  福岡!グルメSTART!ミンジちゃんと一緒にご飯食べに来ました〜!みなさん〜明日のファンクラブイベントで会いましょ〜〜 Fukuoka!!! My heart flutters when I go to new places^^ Time to find good restaurants!!! With mingkki~ Source: Dara’s Twitter...

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141217-sbprojects-cl 17 December 14

Exciting times ahead, @chaelinCL! Source: SB Projects Twitter  ...

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2NE1 17 December 14

LIVE DVD & Blu-ray ‘YG FAMILY WORLD TOUR 2014 -POWER- in Japan’ 2015.01.07 On Sale ­ *BLACKJACK NOLZA SHOP : (PC・MB) *YGEX OFFICIAL SHOP : (PC・MB) Source: YGEntertainment...

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CL 17 December 14

CL: Rising in the East by: Jerome Ison photography by Stevie Mada styling by Julian Jesus December 15, 2014 CL, leader of K-pop girl group 2NE1, is a singer and...

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CL dirty vibe 17 December 14

Source: Lee Harin’s Instagram...

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cl dirty vibe instagram 17 December 14

Source: Skrillex...

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