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official yg 27 November 14

Release: 12/10/14 (水) 0:00~ 1/13/14 (火) 23:59 [TRACKLIST] 1 FIRE -KR Ver.- 2 CAN’T NOBODY -KR Ver.- 3 I AM THE BEST -KR Ver.- 4 CLAP YOUR HANDS -KR Ver.-...

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141126-minzy-twitter-ig 26 November 14

미~~~~소 #Smileonyourface Source: Minzy’s Twitter and Instagram...

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141126-wildmagazine-cl 26 November 14

Introducing 1/4 covers of #RADIANTissue ft’ing @chaelinCL. Source: The Wild Magazine’s Twitter...

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141126daralineplay 26 November 14

Source: Dara’s Line Play Diary Translated by: @ilove2NE1girls...

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141125-dara-twitter-ig 25 November 14

팍상한 폭포에서 만난 귀여운 아기야옹이들 아침엔 계곡에서 수영도 한데요 ㅋㅋㅋ 내가 짱귀엽다고 쓰담쓰담 해주니까 내 주위로 몰려들었어요. 역시 이뻐해주고 사랑해주면 다 느껴지나봐요 ^_^ 사랑을 나누어줍시다 ❤️ 귀여운 폭포냥이들~ 건강하게 자라렴~!!!...

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141125-minzy-twiter-ig 25 November 14

Would you like some coffee?Lol Source: Minzy’s Twitter and Instagram...

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141125-cl-twitter-ig 25 November 14

#HAPPYHARIN Source: CL’s Twitter and Instagram...

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141124-cl-twitter-ig 24 November 14

!!! Source:  CL’s Twitter and Instagram...

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141124-minzy-twitter-ig 24 November 14

Super Cute!!!!!! #Dougie #mababy Source: Minzy’s Twitter and Instagram...

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141124-leeharin-ig-cl 24 November 14

Source: Lee Harin’s Instagram...

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10809678_1572984222935851_470982505_n 24 November 14

“#ellekorea #sharehappiness with YG actors & actresses” From right to left : Jung Hye Young, Sandara Park, Cha Seung Won, Lee Sungkyung, Kal So Won, Lee Yong Woo Source :...

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us 23 November 14

Guesswhatweweredoin   Source: CL’s instagram...

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