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140421 2ne1 on vogue korea facebook 28 July 14

__________________ Neo 2NE1 The transformation of hip hop girl group who represents the 21st century! Nothing is impossible for these girls who transformed into this season’s hot trend, African ethnic....

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20140725 Cl at marc jacobs brand launch in hong kong 26 July 14

2NE1‘s CL is acknowledged as a global fashionista. In Hong Kong’s brand opening fashion show for “Marc by Marc Jacobs” where CL was exclusively invited, she showed off her unique fashion sense....

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[140725] Minzy's Instagram (mingkki21) modernique candles 26 July 14

Recall that back in March,Minzy rocked a fabulous modernique outfit from former trainee lyricaldrawing. ******* Minzy also posted this clip with the caption “#Dancing9 #Adidas #Minzy #Allinfordance” Source: Minzy’s Instagram...

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[140722] Minzy's Instagram (mingkki21) 'Cool. Godsmusic 25 July 14

This was probably related to her fun day spent with her mom, sister, and HISPOP family. Source: Minzy’s Instagram...

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[140724] NYLON JAPAN senior designer SHOKO FUJIMOTO - 2ne1 Cover 25 July 14

NYLON JAPAN‘s senior designer SHOKO FUJIMOTO seems just as eager as their editor-in-chief Takashi TOGAWA to share 2NE1‘s upcoming cover issue. He recently shared the below picture of the issue...

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25 July 14

Just a short while ago, YGE released this cheering message from Kal So Won that included a greeting from the cutie to her 2NE1 unnies encouraging everyone to go see...

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club clio pastel gelpresso sandara1 25 July 14

The awesome people at Club Clio USA have told us that all Club Clio brands are available for purchase on Club Clio USA’s online website. And in even greater news, they...

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140722_maybellinenewyork_cl_graphicnails_collage 23 July 14

2NE1′s leader CL has brought out her glamorous nail art fingers for the new commercial for Maybelline’s Graphic Nail Look nail polish. CL shows off three new summer colors from the...

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140721 nylon korea mag instagram 21 July 14

2NE1 will be back to NYLON JAPAN on July 28!!!! Don’t miss it! Have fun @togawatakashi @nylonjapan and @cyanmagazine on INSTAGRAM. Keep in touch! love you all <3 tt @togawatakashi #nylonjapan #cyanmagazine  ...

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YG FAMILY 2014 WORLD TOUR POWER IN SEOUL 2ne1 aia festival 21 July 14

YG FAMILY 2014 WORLD TOUR : POWER IN SEOUL: #YG #YGFAMILY via @YouTube — YG Family (@ygent_official) July 21, 2014 Source: YGE’s Official Twitter...

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140719 Hispop and Gong Family - instagram 003 20 July 14

Minzy‘s sister Minyung sings with gospel band HISPOP. Yestertoday, Minzy, her mom, her sister and members of the HISPOP got together for what looks a happy family-like meal.    ...

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140712 Sparkling Magazine Did you catch Bom's footage of 2NE1 AON in Manila on SBS's roommate 19 July 14

Sparkling Magazine Did you catch Bom‘s footage of #2NE1 AON in Manila on SBS‘s#roommate? Read our cover story on 2NE1 in Sparkling Magazine‘s Summer 2014 issue! Don’t forget to read our feature on...

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